A tragic future for Boracay Island?

Look at what Megaworld Global-Estate Inc have planned for the Philippines' Boracay Island:

The above photo was taken from the Megaworld Gobal-Estate Inc. album "the future of boracay".

The caption on that photo reads "Planning a long weekend at Boracay??? Soon you can relax in your very own beach house at Boracay Newcoast whole year round..."

Is this progress? Or is this a perversion of the future of a once pristine island?


  1. This must be stopped! What Andrew Tan and Megaworld are planning to do in Boracay is downright stupid!

  2. Yahbang! Shortcut: Quickbuck, no maintenance, environmental disaster, untold damage in massive scale...
    Das the Penoy way no other way!

  3. That place is already a dump. Yeah, relax in your own beach house, while drunk twenty-somethings and gay hookers puke on your front steps.

    You know what, we went down there (when I was still a stupid tourist), and I went into a pharmacy to get some sinus medicine. Before I even opened my mouth, this old broad behind the counter says to me, "You need to buy condoms?" #@!%*#! True story.

  4. In the Philippines, everything Filipinos touch turns into a crap in due course...

  5. ^ The million-dollar question for me, though, is why are they like that in the first place?


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