So many people speculating on motives rather than taking things at face value

The robust baseline for debate and objective inquiry on a social issue such as the Mideo Cruz and CCP debacle is what is readily publicly evident. So many people saying this or that person was out to "shock" or that this or that person was out to "offend". That is the sort of thing that comes out of adherents of institutions that lack a strong tradition of methodical FACTS-BASED investigation.

Rule of Law is about being facts-based and methodical in seeking the Truth. Perhaps some institutions think the Law does not apply to what they believe is important.

Next time we hear the Catholic Church pontificate about their being advocates of the "rule of Law", recall the Mideo Cruz Incident and reflect on how the Church had behaved -- as if application of the Law can be switched on or off to suit one's favourable or unfavourable exposure to it.


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