Finding the perfect marketing catch phrase for the Philippines @chinosingson @jabjimenez

The term Mabuhay first came into popular use as a slogan for the marketing campaigns of Philippines Airlines. The word was pitched as the quintessential Filipino universal greeting in the tradition of how aloha came to be a universal ringer for anything Hawaiian.

However, what much of the world does not know is that Mabuhay is not a natural greeting used by home-grown Filipinos.

And so the challenge today is for Filipinos to come up with a term, slogan, or phrase that effectively captures and encapsulates the essence of "the Filipino". This is important in order to launch tourism campaigns to match those of others in the region aggressively competing for a slice of the pie -- Malaysia with its "Malaysia, truly Asia" and South Korea's "Dynamic Korea" campaigns among others.

To be effective, in my opinion, the slogan or catch phrase should be consistent with a collective character of ours so that all Filipinos can confidently and comfortably use it in their own individual and personal representations to the world. We each need to believe in the product we sell.


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