The debate around Mideo Cruz's art should have been limited to whether said art is good art or bad art

Of course that concept of limiting "debate" to a specific aspect of an issue is not something easily compartmentalised by the Filipino mind. Filipinos have a talent for muddling an issue across a whole spectrum of irrelevant aspects interwoven into their individual perspectives which is evidently limited by the wretchedness of the average Filipino's quality of life.

Religion is one of those aspects that is used by the average wretch as his/her primary crutch to lean on as he/she struggles with making sense of the complexity of the REAL WORLD -- a rouitine exercise that requires a lot of work and a lot of brains to sort out (which is why most of us spend much of the first 20 years of our lives getting an education). The root (as you will have probably gathered by now) is a lack of brains and a lack of education to deal with a complex modern world. Included in this complex and modern world is a BROAD range of views. Included in this broad range of views is Mideo Cruz's view of the world.

Simply put, Da Pinoy's effort to DEAL with that view constitutes an Epic Fail.

[Copy of a comment posted on Get Real Post]


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