What the Catholic mob would do to Mideo Cruz if left to their devices today

Recall philosopher Hypatia was born c.350-370 AD. According to to disparate accounts she was "killed by a Christian mob" who harboured ill feelings towards her achievements in philosophy, mathematics, and astronomy.
One day, in March AD 415, during Lent, a Christian mob of Nitrian monks led by "Peter the Reader," waylaid Hypatia's chariot as she travelled home.[27] The monks attacked Hypatia, then stripped her naked, to humiliate her, then dragged her through the streets to the recently Christianised Caesareum church, where they killed her. The reports suggest that the mob of Christian monks flayed her body with ostraca (pot shards), and then burned her alive...[Source]

That almost sounds like something Catholic mobs in the Philippines would do to Mideo Cruz if left entirely to their devices today.


  1. This whole "sundin ang masa" idea is starting to get both old and stupid if you ask me; what do you think, benign0?

  2. Speaking of masa, what do you think of this phrase: "gawa ng isa, damay lahat"?

  3. It's called tyranny of the masses - the whole idea that the *popular* sentiment is necessarily right is just, well, stupid.

  4. And if they can have it their way would put the poor soul on a rack or the iron maiden for public circus.


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