Bishop endorses use of 'jejemon' to guide the youth down the righteous path

When was the last time that we saw science and technology imparted to others in the "jejemon" language? Considering that even the Tagalog dialect is not up to the task of articulating scientific concepts, any attempt to communicate science in jejemon will ultimately fail. Amazingly, the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) sees religious teachings as a body of knowledge that actually could be reduced to jejemon-speak. Perhaps this reflects the real nature of religious doctrine.

Is religion something that could be taught in jejemon?

Apparently so...
[Archbishop Socrates Villegas, incoming vice president of the CBCP] said the youth, which are “like parched dry sponge[s]," are “being misled by wrong teachings."

“In their thirst, they absorb all and retain them regardless of the purity of source. I pity our youth," he said as he rallied the Catholic Church to “join the arena of public opinion" by using “new methods and approaches and even jejemon vocabulary to make the message of God convincing."

Perhaps the Archbishop fails to see the irony in alluding to elements outside his Church that are supposedly misleading the youth while at the same time endorsing the use of a "language" associated more with degeneracy than with upliftment.


  1. An irony I'm not failing to see, however, is of an Archbishop named "Socrates".

  2. That one would quite easily sail over may Pinoys' heads...

  3. No wonder why some people chose to sail away from being Christians. It's because some ministers are acting like total headcases and yet they're insisting that they didn't.

  4. Like his namesake, someone ought to encourage him to put a Hemlock mixed with his sacramental wine "For corrupting the youth."


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