@LeadPhilippines How can you even begin to tackle an issue without properly framing it first?

It's one thing to use an analogy for illustrative purposes. But clearly you liken the Kulo exhibit to "pornography" not to illustrate a point but to unfairly demonise it. And to think we criticise the Aquino government for doing the same thing to the previous administration.

"LeadPhilippines: @benign0 on your usual tactic of targeting the analogy and not the issue? Surely you would know what fallacy it is called?"

In response to:
Perhaps more people will "recognize" why, as you assert, the 'Kulo' exhibit is comparable to pornography if you articulate specifically where in the art work displayed in that exhibit there is EVIDENCE of an intent to titillate (as what is the intention in works that are MEANT to be pornographic).


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