Brand Philippines! Where do we start?

Time to brand the Philippines! It is a tough challenge. We are a county synonymous with many things looked down upon by other societies. It comes down to a deep understanding of what the Philippines and the Filipino *stands* for. Are we industrious like the Japanese? Brilliant engineers like the Germans? Industrious like the Chinese? Shrewd like the Jews? Computer savvy like the Indians?

What *are* Filipinos?


  1. Branding a product needs to be backed up by *quality; otherwise the whole branding effort goes in vain. Same goes for a country. Whatever branding we do, a turd is still a turd. We need to work on it in an inside-out manner; let's start first on substance and a strong brand will come out naturally.

    But if that's too much to ask for from da Pinoys, we can keep putting a positive spin on the bad things we're renowned for. Say, our "heritage of smallness" can be twisted into humility. Or high tolerance for crap, as "happiest people" or "flexible people"


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