Filipinos are better than white people according to Pinoy banker

According to Eduardo V. Francisco, president of BDO Capital and Investment Corp., Filipinos are better than their "Caucasian" counterparts in the workforce...
“Let’s pray our OFWs do not get displaced. One good example is shipping. Lots of Caucasians lost jobs in crises before but Filipino seamen kept theirs and even got promoted because they were more flexible,” Francisco said.

It helps that Filipino workers are valued for their hardworking, people-oriented and cheerful nature, the experts said.

This was reportedly stated as part of an assessment on what impact the recent downgrade of the credit rating of the United States might have on the Philippine economy.


  1. What's with the pic of the ape guy from Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes?

  2. Here we go again, another -"Proud to be Filipino"- official dummy yapping political
    propaganda centered on ethnocentric baiting!
    For a CEO what a tanga!


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