Filipinos need to be reminded that there is no state religion in the Philippines

Filipinos need to ne reminded that Catholicism is not the only religion in the Philippines, nor is it the state religion. Trouble is, we've for so long taken this simple reality for granted. We have to thank the Church's cadre of officials who for much of our history made sure their influenced is intimately enmeshed in every aspect of Philippine politics and the running of state affairs.


  1. yes, so much so, that politicians are sometimes obliged to feign devotion to the church just to get the people´s approval and/or votes. totally hypocritical! He would go to evry mass,then would have no qualms in having his political rival shot just to get him out of the way. Phil society is very hypocritical, in general. You are not supposed to talk about sex, but then very young girls do get pregnant. I once went with a group of visiting Filipinos to Lourdes who looked so saintly in their devotion but were quite pat to steal some bread at the breakfast buffet. They travel so far and spend so much to visit Lourdes but they find no offense in stealing; just shows that the basic values do not sink in. The country is impregnated by Double standards which are pure signs of hypocrisy. But the church does not care as long as the offerings abound and the churches are full. Submissive people are the easiest to manipulate.


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