Paris Hilton deserves every bit of her fame and success

For all the flak Paris Hilton cops for being the supposedly "undeserving" media sensation that she is, the bottom line is quite simple: she IS Paris Hilton and YOU are not. Perhaps there is some basis for the way she is lumped among that growing tribe of talent-less celebs, but then *Is Paris Hilton really lacking in talent?* What is talent anyway? Some of the greatest 'talents' in the entertainment industry were born with the looks and musical abilities that they employ to wow their audiences and earn them their big bucks. Paris Hilton too happens to have been born with qualities that set one up for success -- looks, family connections, and an ability to make people feel great just by being around her. And that's just the way the world works.


  1. My daughter, 3 years ago, took me to the mall (in Miami) because Paris was there to promote her perfume. She was beautiful, gracious, and most of all, she waited for the last person in line to sign autographs.Even when her handlers tried to divert her away from fans, she insisted on staying. She may look shallow but almost everything she portrayed on TV was unreal. Deep down, Paris is a bright entrepeneural, hard working woman who wakes up early morning everyday so she can hold meetings at 8 am with her executives.She made $20 million in one year by showing up for work and continues to do so at present time.

  2. The idea that rich people might actually be good people is something one that is often alien to the Filipino mind. Must be all that Catholic indoctrination at work there.

  3. Indeed! As well as class warfare, race baiting, and xenophobia are always part of repertoire.

  4. That idea isn't exclusive to Filipinos and Catholics. Things sound much worse in the bible belt.
    Definitely agree on how Paris worked on her fame. She played the cards she was dealt with real well. Instead of disappearing after the video and being only know for that, she went on and made the most of it and made herself into a brand. Seems to be a marketing genius. Just like how pro-wrestlers could be the most serious actors out there. (

    Just a thought... Could Kris Aquino be the Filipino equivalent?

  5. Indeed, in short: she *worked with what she had*. Perhaps Kris, to be fair, is the same as you observed.


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