Zubiri resignation: Maybe he suddenly realised the Philippines is not worth it

Former Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri said, "I am a husband first before a senator, and I am a father first before a legislator." That sounds pretty reasonable to me. Why stick it out in a thankless job serving a people who are evidently unable -- no, unwilling -- to help themselves? Then again, what's the point in speculating about what one's reasons are for doing whatever thing other than to take what he says in the public domain at face value? Filipinos should just simply move on. If his accusers get their day in court, then the truth may perhaps come out. If it doesn't, tough luck, is all I can say. Either way, this being the Philippines, this is just another media circus in the making. And as with most media circuses, we all know who gets to laugh all the way to the bank.


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