Rights of readers to leave comments on blogs is not absolute

"To have comments published is not a right. In my view every blogger should moderate comments. It's in the best interests of readers that published comments are lucid, to the point and interesting. Too often respondents wander from the point, criticise other respondents and generally degrade the quality of discussion.  If a comment does not add value to the original posting then drop it. Who judges what adds value and what doesn't? Easy, the owner of the blog."

Left by commentor "Greg" on the blog "A social experiment to be performed on the commentor known as 'GabbyD'" at:


12:10 PM, August 01, 2011


  1. absolutely! it would be useful if you can SHOW how a commenter does the things u claim. if not, then thats just plain censorship. censorship doesnt add value either.

  2. Here is the section of our Terms of Service that will have applied to you in such case, GabbyD:

    2.2.6. Questions on and challenges to terminology (tolerated to encouraged) – These are seen to be of value to a discussion if the commentor can demonstrate a strong context surrounding the line of questioning and/or challenges being put forth. There is a big gray area between pertinent questions on terminology and quibbling over it. Generally, quibbling is intuitively recognisable and will be dealt with on a case-to-case basis.

    But then as the TOS also stipulates,

    The Get Real Post may monitor user-generated content randomly and reserves the right to remove any such content for whatever reason without the consent of the publisher.

    Unfortunately for you, you fall under the "for whatever reason" clause. And as your case file indicates, this is all just a case of me applying all this to YOU specifically just for laughs.

    Tough luck! :-D

  3. we arent arguing about ur TOS. i've said it at least 3x. if its not clear--> you can do whatever you want.

    however, the reasons matter. by saying you can do whatever you want, and not explaining why, that matters.

    doing whatever you want and not explaining WHY, in a blog which is about communication, speaks volumes.

    thats reality. if u wanna be that kind of person who shuts someone down for some mysterious, undisclosed reason: go ahead.

  4. In case you haven't noticed yet, I am that kind of person. But only to you. Coz your special. :-D


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