#HongKong #UmbrellaRevolution activists' virtues credited to #Filipino nannies?

Reporting on the ground in Hong Kong covering the protest movement there, GMA Network top journalist Howie Severino reports:

"...Filipino residents of Hong Kong who have watched the events there unfold also credit how the present generation was raised – many by Filipina yayas (Tagalog for 'nannies'). 
" 'We have a culture of kapwa (fellowship) and tender loving care,' says Azon CaƱete, a former NGO worker in Hong Kong who now covers the city for GMA News. 'It's hard to generalize because there are no studies, but I think OFWs have shown those values to their wards.'
" 'Hindi sila racist, mababait sila sa ibang lahi,' ('They are not racist, they are kind to ethnic minorities') says one long-time domestic helper in Hong Kong who, like many others here, didn't want to be named. 'Mga Pilipina kasing nagpalaki'."

Last sentence translated: "It is because Filipinas raised them."

Full report for reference:

A GRP commenter however has a different view as far as the way Filipino children are raised....

"This [Philippines] suffers from a widespread form of malignant narcissism : the conscious mindset that 'I am better than you and my reality is the only one that counts.' [term – 'malignant narcissism' taken from Huffington Post article by Mark Baer from 09/30/14] I am not sure what causes this hysterical 'every man for himself' attitude. However, it seems to be what the Philippines is all about. I suspect it has to do with how children are reared."

Refer to source comment here:

So which take reflects the truth about Filipinos and the youths they raise? Have your say!


  1. Philippines raiding the umbrella revolution.


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