Keeping the status quo in #HongKong makes more sense to #Filipino guest workers

From an economic standpoint, it would be incredibly shortsighted and altogether stupid for Filipinos in Hong Kong to participate in an action against Beijing in anticipation of some nebulous 'reward' that they might maybe receive sometime in an unspecified future.

In the first place, the protesters are hardly in a position to confer any kind of 'reward.' They are composed of students and workers. Should Beijing acquiesce, the citizens of Hong Kong get to exercise autonomy over their affairs in the manner the protesters interpret the Basic Law. In contrast, Filipinos STILL retain their status as 'foreign guest workers.' They will NOT have any status to equal citizens.

Whatever the outcome, any Filipinos identified by Hong Kong's government as participating in the protests could be designated as an undesirable for disrupting public order and expelled. That means lost opportunity, lost remittances and another extended family the Philippines has to worry about feeding.

In fact, it makes more sense to OFWs for Hong Kong to remain exactly the way it is. With local taipans like Li Ka-shing running things on behalf of Beijing and keeping the city robust and prosperous. That means more opportunities for Filipinos who have limited options at home. The protests, on the other hand, only serve to disrupt business.

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