The slow steep decline of Camp John Hay in #Baguio under #Filipino management

Camp John Hay (Baguio) is a perfect example of this. Back when the US bases were still existing it was touted as the best R&R facility for US military personnel in the Pacific.

Unfortunately, much of Camp John Hay now, despite its purported "corporate care," is mired in stacks of intricate court cases. Hotels which are supposed to bring in cash to Baguio are still closed due to litigation. Around a dozen old bunk houses have been bulldozed for faux-log cabins nobody uses anyway. The corporations which supposedly take care of Camp John Hay's well-being refuse to pay taxes to the government because they think they have some sort of "special privilege."

At the center of this all is a lawyer-politician under the Liberal Party banner who has plans to become Baguio's mayor. Furthermore, his SJW wife turns her back and keeps silent over John Hay's wanton environmental degradation, and rather be more vocal against the earthballing of trees at SM Baguio.

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