#Filipino activists routinely miss the deeper and broader rot in #Philippines society

Olongapo and Angeles are in reality nothing but municipal whore houses. Always have been and, sadly, always will be.

And now Boracay. Yes, Boracay is starting to get polluted with whores of all varieties. It used to be the ideal spot for a family vacation, but now is little more than an X-rated freak show.

It's not a question of "if" another incident happens; it will happen. There is no doubt about it. We are now the number two sex-tour destination in Asia and, unlike Thailand, we have police that are little more than bumbling ass-wipe retards. It probably will never change. If those chimps jumping up and down about tranny Laude wanted to do something productive, they could find real issues that would improve the Philippines to protest about.

Why don't they protest about the Philippines having one of the highest percentages of unwed mothers on the planet? Why not protest about the very significant percentage of children who have no idea even who their father is?

You know, maybe we would be better off under the Chinese. Maybe they could eventually turn this country into something other than an impoverished, corrupt, Catholic Pacific Island zoo.

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