The bullshit of 'resilience': Disaster preparedness in the #Philippines politicised beyond recognition!

This lack of disaster preparedeness in a country that is the most disaster prone in the world highlights just how fucked up/utterly insane/inhumanely insensitive/ terminally stupid (pick one) generations of our leaders have been. That we allow them to grandstand after every disaster and bullshit us with the "Filipino is resilient" line instead of coming at them with fire. guns and pitchforks is equally a disaster makes us insane.

I don't think the Philippines has had a year where no one has died due to a disaster. Our leaders lack of a clear disaster preparedness program is contributing to literally killing us.

I don't know about you but one of the reasons why people agreed to be governed and go into a social contract is so that the government can protect the people, here lead disaster preparedness efforts. But yeah the Philippines is a society where it is a war of a person against every other person. In short, bahala na kayo dyan….kkb….ang mamatay ng dahil sayo, pwera ako.

Just some suggestions:

1. Stop politicizing disaster preparedness and response.

2. Create a government agency specializing in disaster preparedness and response. Insulate this agency from politics by paying its members well, hiring the required experts, maybe even banning members of the disaster preparedness agency from running for office.

3. Buy PAGASA and PHIVOCS state of the art shit that they need do get their job done. Pay them well too.

4. Create shelters for each municipality/city.

5. Educate people.

Dammit, we're dying out here.

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