Slim chance of implementing #divorce law in #Philippines thanks to oligarchs and dynasties

The reason why divorce will never be allowed in the Philippines is because both the landed and financial elite will not allow it. They happen to make up most of the members of our congress and executive. To a lesser degree this has happened because of our fascist philippine catholic church.

Divorce necessarily splits property between the ex-couple. Alimony and child support payments may also be required. These elite a-holes are so afraid that allowing legalized divorce will result in the dilution of their property holdings. I know you can have a lawyer draft up a pre-nup agreement but these elite are lazy and baka nga naman ma-in love sila (leading to not signing a pre-nup).

Note also that the default property regime under Philippine law is absolute community of property which means essentially "what is mine is yours". Imaging there being legalized divorce, lets say gretchen was the legal wife of tonyboy and their marriage is governed by the absolute community of property and their is no pre-nup because Gretchen insists. If the possible divorce law mandates that Tonyboy give Gretchen half his properties upon divorce, you can see how this would not be in the elite's interest.

BUt again the elite can protect themselves, the common people have to suffer through loveless and potentially abusive relationships.

You would think that there should be divorce for people who have suffered prolonged domestic abuse, have spouses who have engaged in incest, and have engaged in other similar heinous acts. Again even in marriage we suffer under the stupidity of the elite and the church.

As for gay marriage, there just is no rational reason to disallow their marriage (gays and straights should have the right to all be in a potentially unhappy, loveless union) unless of course we are a theocracy(and we kind of are) and think that it is a sin.

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