An infantile people fails at building a respectable #democracy

I wish that we will have the patience and perseverance to endure many more miseries until 'real progress' come about. As it is, we are in a rut. Mismanagemnt after mismanagement; one cohorts of oligarchs and cronies, after another set of cronies,while the poor multiplies in hordes, and the rich gets most of the goodies aided by mercenary politicians who sell their to souls to evil rulers for 30 pieces of silver.

We do not have a respectable democracy, in fact it is an oligarchy, and plutocracy who will let the people "eat cake". We are in a rut because we remain infantile as a people. We refuse to mature. We are a soft people that always remain vulnerable to predatory rulers nd businessmen complemented by a bureacracy that is lazy to think, and to assert what is right for survival's sake.

I guess the real heroes are indeed the OFWs who refuse to be broken by the lousy sytem of government tht cannot even provide decent jobs to its people, and yet these OFWs have remitted tremendous sums of money which help the economy afloat. Martial law supplant the ruling oligarchy by its own cronies, and EDSA 1 broought back the old oligarchy to resume exploitation of the patrimony and restore its renewed oligarchy. We are an infantile people who refused to mature. We long for justice. We are too soft, and we forgive easily.

But being infantile, we are restrained from bringing justice into this land. We forgive, but without restitution, and punishment, there is no justice. We are a loving people but of the hollow kind of love. The late Cardinal Jaime Sin said: Charity without justice is baloney. And even EDSA 1 just exempted the biggest ruling oligarchy from bringing justice to the peasant, and exempted the biggest landed estate owners in land from Land Reform that brought mockery to the social justice of the basic law of the land.

We are a soft people, an infantile one who are unable to mature and cannot distinguish forgivenes againt justice. Charity without justice, is indeed, baloney. 2016 will just usher another set of oligarchs, cronies, plutocrats, and compliant bureaucracy. And the poor will grow into greater hordes than the current hordes. We are a soft people who don't have fire in their bellies, much less in our hearts.

Real progress will come about when we have grown and nurtured the fire in our bellies and in our hearts. Until then 'real progress' will only be for the ruling oligarchs, plutocrats, cronies, and compliant bureacarcy, all corrupt and uncaring for others.

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