Lewd manner with w/c #LGBT community in the #Philippines represent themselves undermines their cause

I don't speak for GRP, but I think it's because they see the LGBT community as a whole right now as being too camp and lewd. It's quite ironic that LGBT rights advocates march down the streets and call for "equal" rights, and at the same time oversee the things that may hinder their acceptance as "equals" with heterosexuals.

Just look at how gay men are portrayed in media. It's usually an effeminate, camp, gossipy, sometimes flirty man, and he usually is a sidekick with the female protagonist/antagonist. You rarely see anything more than that. It's actually counter-productive to the LGBT since it perpetuates the stereotype of gay men. Don't get me started on gay-themed indie films, most of them are almost pornography. Self-serving fantasies rather than eye-opening realities in my opinion.

Even worse I think, there's the lack of representation of lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders and anyone who doesn't conform to male-female dichotomy, both in film and television. Yet I don't hear them asking for more visibility in the media.

Representations and steamy plots aside, if the LGBT community wants full acceptance, they should be able to show to the society that they are capable of solving the endless problems of the country, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation.

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