#Philippines incapable of dealing with the United States as equals

The Japanese have US military bases on their soil in Okinawa to this day. The Japanese are rich and see no need to get rid of these bases even though the japanese are more than capable of defending themselves. The Japanese also made american GI rapists from Okinawa see the inside of a Japanese jail.

To ask the obvious, what makes us different from the Japanese? why can't we deal or at least pretend to deal with the US on equal terms? Are we just a nation destined to be pathetic and servile?

Then we have the US military. They are aggressive and for them it's a matter of exploiting real and perceived weaknesses. Must be like a walk in the park to commit atrocities and get away with them in a passive, corrupt country like the Philippines.

It's when we deal with other countries and compare ourselves with other countries that all of the Philippines' defects come to the foreground — a corrupt system, ball-gagging poverty, a damaged culture still dependent on the US…..damn you Fallows.

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  1. Right, we must strong in any aspect to be respected by the Americans. In the military aspect what can we do? We are dependent on the US. Hypocrites are these people who want the Americans out. What we need to do is to work our best for the country to be respected while strenghtening our defense capabilities so we will not be dependent on US doleouts. In fairness, the American military assistance to Iraq would have had great impact to us if it were given to us. But the Middle East is more important geopolitically. But what happens now? Iraq military is near to be annihilated by ISIS and those military equipment will fall into the hands of the enemy.

  2. Yes, can we grow "balls" and be ready to roiugh it up and perhaps die in the process? We are used to be servile and mendicant. When it comes to eyeball-to-eyeball confrontation, we always blink, the first. 300 years of spanish colonization, and continuing roman catholism proselytation, 100 years of American occupation and continuing indoctrination, and current local politricians collaboration with the oligarchs, and foreign businesses, it will be a miracle to change just like that like magic. Only blood, seat, and tears can do that. We like to wallow in misery and powerlessness. And we kill our prophets and children who have vision for a really true Philippine independence.


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