Nostalgia for the #Marcos years is really a cry for return of good governance #NeverAgain

I think the nostalgia for the Marcos years should not be confused with a nostalgia for the return of Marcos-type authoritarian rule (trust me you don't want curfews, state-sanctioned torture and summary executions). The nostalgia for Marcos is a cry for better governance and vision from our leaders. It is also a realization that after 30 years the EDSA revolution has been for the most part a colossal failure.

I hate how leaders who benefitted from EDSA hold it up as some type of accomplishment when those leaders have shit all over the meaning of EDSA. EDSA was a cry from the people for democracy, progress, fairness and reason as opposed to dictatorship, poverty, cronyism and caprice. Yet everywhere you turn the leaders of the EDSA generation have made a mockery of its spirit. We are poorer and more subject to their caprice today.

Worse, I think those leaders who benefited from EDSA possess less vision and less intellect. Di lang corrupt, bobo pa. You can say many bad things about Marcos but being dumb was not one of them (perhaps he was too smart).

The EDSA generation should be reminded that the people not the personalities in the revolution ultimately made the revolution a success.

So what comes after EDSA? So why have Marcos nostalgia? Today, maybe we the people don't know what exactly the Philippines is supposed to be, but we know that it's not supposed to be this shit. It can't be this. And that's a start.

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