Lessons #HongKong could teach #Filipinos: Don't let the powerful determine choice of election candidates!

Learn from Hong Kong. The fielding of candidates is just as important as electing the "right" one into office.

As it stands now, the pool of "winnables" are predetermined for us by the power brokers, vested interests and political elites. The game is rigged from the start. All the candidates are basically interchangeable and malleable; willing to sell their souls to the highest bidder. The great mass of Philippine civil society is ignorant and incapable of producing candidates with integrity and competence. Hence, the powerful dominate the weak by making sure only their kind has a chance to win. The poor fools are pleased with this illusion of choice and are content to merely legitimize the choices that were made for them long ago.

What must happen is for the people to have a political awakening of sorts. They must organize into groups capable of producing candidates based on a set of ideals and principles and which they will support all the way to office. Change must be ground-up not top-down.

Of course, ignorance and blind obedience are cherished values of Philippine society and we may be doomed to play this rigged game for eternity.

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