#MartialLaw and the #Marcos regime laid the foundations for today's crooked #Philippines government!

The Marcos Administration destroyed the very democratic checks and balances that would have saved us, ensuring that crooks and scumbags would take over after Marcos is gone.

Anyone looks good spending all that money being an autocrat and dictator who is unopposed by its own government in fear of being prosecuted. Then you realize that it's coming out of your wallet and future generation's wallets.

And of course nobody was going to go against Marcos legally (and live to tell about it). Try suing a top politician for anything today (preferably if they did actual wrong to you), see how far you can go with it without getting thrown out or receive death threats. The police won't help you, and with the heavy restrictions placed on journalists in the Philippines, they can't help you either.

All this infatuation with the past that only seemed great from the surface is a waste of time. Do something about the future instead, and it starts with yourself. Likewise, there are many Anglophiliacs who would want to go back to England's Victorian times – yet they fail to see that not only was drug use and alcohol rampant in that era, but also domestic abuse, bad body odor, and smallpox goes with the era as well. There are many today who see the Marcos Administration with rose-colored glasses, they fail to understand that they will only regret letting a Marcos-like dictatorship take over their lives.

And the worst thing about the Marcos nostalgia is how much people don't realize that we're already doing great even before the Marcos era. We're at an upswing in economic standing thanks to the actions of politicians before Marcos.

Marcos took advantage of the upswing, made illicit spending and tinkered with the election results in order to secure a lockdown of a 20+ year presidency. Give ANY president 20 years and you will see progress.

If any of you looked at the actual economic statistics from the 1960s all the way up to the end of the Marcos era, Marcos created that downswing that didn't seem apparent in his time, but it eventually resulted in how Philippines sank down to the near bottom of the economic standings in Asia.

If you're thinking I'm supporting the current administration, take that bullshit out of my face, I have zero support for the current administration as well as zero support for the Marcos administration. People should miss the time when actual qualified individuals are running for politics (incidentally, before the Marcos era). Thanks to mass media and how we glorify celebrities, people are now voting for a familiar face (ie celebrity) that can be manipulated by the rather machiavellian politicians running things behind the scenes rather than qualified individuals who can make a positive difference for the Philippines.

This is your fault, fellow Filipinos. I take the blame as well, since we're all in this together.

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  1. You're stupid and one sided. You only see the bad things. Not the good ones. :( . Even if Marcos is bad at least he built this nation stronger and better by building infrastructures etc. Fuck economic standing. According to my Mom and research, the goverment did some remedys to lessen the burden of poverty.
    You should even know that electrification of the whole country haooened during his time and was completed during early 80s. Without his efforts I can't even post this comment. What I am trying to say is. At least try to see the good side too. He built many things that is used by our fellow Filipinos even today. Also if you hate him there are others that do bot hate him especially farmers back then who experienced the full benifits of his adminsitration. Our family too is thankful because the land in which we settle today is part of the land reform and was given to us in 1975. Please do not be one sided. Sorry if I commented like this l.

  2. Look who's stupid & one-sided now, anonymous. You should be sorry You seem to be as green & stupid as your mother. That's right. Your mom, who like you, most likely never bothered to read, much less understand what the article is about and only view it as a potshot to your precious dead president and his shenanigans. Sure, your dead master thief (yeah, its my turn to make a potshot at you and your sorry excuse for wormfood president) did a lot of things but get this---- ITS HIS JOB to do so. A long list indeed but he could've done more if only he didn't steal & turn his misfits into a blueprint for others of his kind to rule after he left with his tail between his legs.

    I didn't vote for those bastards so I take no responsibility. I do my part. I pay my taxes, I follow the law, no matter how asinine and unjust it may seem on occasion. I do my best to look to the future, (unrealistically) optimistic that things will get better politically & socio-economically but as long as imbeciles like you believe in the pitfalls of history then we are sure to repeat it. .Its been repeatedly mentioned in social media. Move on. Forget the Marcoses, the Aquinos, all the traditional politicians and their popular ilk. Instead, strive for a better future by voting for people who actually care about this country. I don't have to tell you who they are. Do your research. Look them up. Spread the word. Stop the Marcos / Aquino worship. There are better ones out there who have not been given a chance. Who knows. You might even turn out to be one of them. If so... then you have my vote. For now however, you're as stupid as they come. Grow up, shut up & do better. Your country and I will be proud of you for it.once you've achieved the seemingly impossible..


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