'Horror' of #Marcos years assures #Filipinos that current situation is as good as it gets

The romanticism of the Marcos rule is not really a phenomenon but rather the logical outcome of two rivals. When two opposing super powers/rivals are pitted against each other, each side would struggle to distinguish how different they are from each other, thus resulting in a stronger sense of identity.

Case in point, ADMU and DLSU. Every so often you can hear a Lasallian boast of their accomplishments and characteristics in contrast to an Atenean. The duality is rather natural. The Philippines can't be just this dystopian society we are living in. Naturally, people would look to the other side of the fence, the Marcos Dictatorship.

I was not alive when Marcos ruled over the Philippines, I only hear stories of what was and what could have been. But from where I am standing right now, it feels like we are in a gridlock. It seems rather hopeless. It's like the people just gave up and are trying their best to get by with what the government throws them. (an image of an obese man in a suit throwing a bone to a scrawny man on a leash comes to mind)

Because of this lackluster behavior, this 'wala tayo magagawa ganyan na talaga yan' mindset, this pathetic pacifism brought to us by the kind of media and entertainment the masses are fed, the government does not fear us. When will we progress? When the Filipinos realize it's not enough to get sick an tired of the status quo but when we take a more proactive approach to anti-anti-intellectualism andwe fucking grow a pair.

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