#Filipino obssession with demonizing #America a symptom of #Philippines' inferiority complex

A US serviceman is involved, so again the rant, the high-pitched noise, the kerfuffle among bloggers and pundits. We all want to have a say on the issue. What I don't know is if this is reflective of a national inferiority complex.

What is the conversation really about? Do we want to feel that we are free of a colonial past and simply like rubbing-in our independence vis-a-vis our former colonizer? (Is this the irritating "pinoy pride" we see in comboxes of sites featuring Filipina singing sensations in international competitions? How does this pinoy pride thing add to a sustainable growth for the country?) Or, are we that obtuse as to think we are in parity with the US if we are able to lock up Pemberton in one of our typically squalid cells? Or, do we have a mentality we cannot shed, a servile mentality, that knows nothing except whine about a terrible master, and are thus clueless as to what to do with independence even with decades gone by?

Maybe, all of the above albeit more of the latter. Why? Because we consistently prefer leaders who feel they can get away with incompetence and corruption. Observe these leaders and you no doubt see blokes who not only feel they are entitled to their positions, but who consciously or unconsciously convey by their words and actions that Filipinos are their stupid properties. Just pick any. Erap, the ex-convict, who still had the gall to be mayor? Gloria, the mafia mama, who remains a member of Congress?

BS Aquino, who has the kapalmuks to be president even if he was an absolute non performer in his earlier positions? Isn't he really just a brat who thought, thinks, and is still convinced the presidency is all about catchy slogans, convoluted speeches and sneaky PR campaigns? (Although this is out of topic here, a word is irresistible about PNoy claiming the economy grew under his watch. Hahaha, that has to be the joke of his legacy. His fiscal and monetary policies are the exact photocopies of Gloria's policies. So, who should get credit for the growth? Point is PNoy has attracted less FDI than any of his predecessors.) Then, there is the flavor of the month, Beep Beep Binay, ang Kawawang Billyonaryo? Etc, etc… all the way to the lowest baranggay captain. In this feudal land of ours at the edge of the Pacific, I dont know why ignorance, mendicancy… or the "bili-mo-ako" mentality …is so magnetic as to be the character you would encounter by the dozen. We are suckers of forms. Not only can we not stand substance, we have no idea what that is.

Thus, it's fascinating, if it is not preposterous, that in a land where the media feeds the populace with murder for breakfast, lunch and dinner, that a murder in some sleazy part of town is now being chosen as a counterpose to a treaty. Don't we have any other way? If indeed the treaty is disadvantageous to us, can we not wait to find a more appropriate reason without advertising in HD colors to the whole world that part of us which is so sleazy?? Please imagine a New York Times, USA Today or Al Jazeera — Philippines mulling over defence pact as their Jeffrey mulled whether he would hang on to a pegina or a vanis.

Oh gosh, if only we could all try to be leaders even with just our own lives and our little circles of influences. Then, we will be seeking interdependence rather than independence at all cost or dependence with equal malice. Then there is no need to be upset about things we should not be upset about. Then there could be more silent confidence that justice will always prevail because we can discern what is right and what is wrong, collectively. Then, there could also be less "senti" about criticisms. I worked in an office with lots of Pinoys and lots of foreigners, and I can say, if they are not flabbergasted, foreigners will never understand a Pinoy's reaction to criticism.

In any event, never mind the Lefties. Since the collapse of the Berlin Wall, they no longer have a leg to stand on. Thus, if only to maintain a semblance of relevance in a world that has changed, they will continue to attack the US no matter what. And they will do that even if they are holding straws as with this case which has no international bearing. Remember that the CPP/NPA is still wealthy; their businesses in kidnap for ransom, illegal logging, smuggling, extortion, etc, remain strong. Look, one account of JoMa in Holland maintains a running balance of US$85 million. So these guys who are the permanent fixtures in every street rally in Manila may have to be part of such mass actions….or they risk losing their share from the money accumulated by CPP in their shift to banditry. You know, as some of them have become congressmen, they also talk as such now: "Aba, sayang din yun "PDAF" na pinapadala ni JoMa at ng CPP" It is therefore disconcerting that media still gives these guys space to hyperventilate their ever repetitious and irrelevant gripes.

Well, I better stop now as I might be contributing to an ever useless hyperventilation from the Left just by adding to the clutter of noise about Laude.

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