US Marine Joseph Scott Pemberton: Victim of sex scam in the #Philippines?

Because we are impotent to handle our own fucked-up country and society, we overreact to a perceived loss of face when a foreigner murders one of our own losers. Jesus, we are not really that different from the Chinese, are we?

The tranny contributed to his own demise. Contributory negligence. We already have the fact that the tranny tried pulling a sex scam. It's virtually certain there was an attempt at a financial scam, too. When you play with fire, you get burned. Shit got out of hand and now we've got a dead Pinoytranny. Depending on what exactly happened, the Marine is also culpable. Will he get reclusion perpetua? Highly unlikely. And neither should he. Will he get handed over to Philippines authorities, per the VFA only after all appeals have been exhausted. That's the agreement. Like it or lump it.

Then we have the rewards who bitch about the VFA. Who really gives a rat's ass about those retarded turds? The bottom line is that the Philipppines negotiated the best they could get and it will probably never change. Without US backing, the native language would be Chinese within a year. Without US $$$, the Philippines would be so poor that even Imelda Marcos couldn't steal enough to buy a cheap pair of Nike.

Want to get the upper hand in negotiations? Stop electing generation after generation of thieves. Stop the scams. Get an honest and hardworking government and build the country into a regional powerhouse. When will we do that? When pigs fly, sadly.

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  1. I suppose it was a purely commercial transaction. The guy was given the wrong goods, which enraged him, probably. Of course it was wrong for him to do that. But soldiers are trained to kill, so you don't f__k with them, literally or figuratively. I don't think there will be a good resolution to this, that is the killer will be brought to jail and get his punishment. That VFA to you and me. We don't have "balls" to deal with the Americans. I'm wondering whether the Kanos are just amusing us, servile and medicants that we are.

  2. some dipshit yank miles away from home gets done for less than a hundred bucks so he has to kill someone. What a fucked up state the world is in when you have to protect these turds.


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