Effeminate society: Are #Filipinos confusing #homosexuality with anti-masculinity?

I am certainly not homophobic, but it really seems to me, that homosexuality is such a celebrated, or even promoted thing in this (coincidently very Christian) Country..

First Observation was: I have never seen so many (openly) homosexuals anywhere else in the world.. even Thailand seems to have far less. As a foreigner, it also seems to me that even straight guys, on average, are more feminine than the typical image of a man, which I am accustomed to after being raised in a different culture (in the west).

Second Observation: In the West, most homosexuals are still guys.. While most of them are clearly noticeable, through there behaviour, movements and sometimes soft voices, they are still basically normal guys.. Sometimes you would never guess they where homosexuals! Here it seems that most homsexuals are immediately turning into wannabe females (either partially, through the way they dress, move, talk, or some silly hair, or all the way through surgery)

Third Observation, which is the main reason for me writing this post:
Homosexuality or dare I say it: Anti-Masculinity seems to be strongly promoted in this country to a level I have not experienced anywhere else in the world. A few examples: When my son was in Kindergarten, the (gay) teacher was putting on make up and lipstick on all the kids, boys and girls, for the Class-Pictures. Not as a Joke or anything like it, but simply "to look pretty". My son ended up being the only one on that picture without lipstick! Today he is in first grade and he just came home recently where he and his male-classmates had to play "marry goes to market" dressed as girls, in front of the whole school and many parents.

See, while I do not hate on homosexuality, I am also very proud of my masculinity – I love being a guy – and I teach my son to grow up to be proud of his masculinity as well (I'm not talking about drinking and beating and cheating on the wife, by the way) And it does bother me, if sources of influence, such as school or TV (turn on local TV and you will immediately be greeted by some gay Host or some (secretly) gay politician holding a speech) are trying to homosexualise/femininise/de-masculinitysise (if such words even exist in english) my son..

Maybe two years ago, some 5 year old kid in this town told me, proudly, that he is gay. I am not sure if homosexuality is a genetic thing, or something, someone grows into, But I was really wondering about this kid. Sexuality isn't something a 5 year old normally is aware of, in my opinion. Was he told by elders that he was gay? Did he want to be gay, because his favourite TV personalities are gay? Did he say he way gay, to receive food, money and other gifts from the gay community in our barangay (which is a very common practice)? Or maybe he just really was gay and realised it in a incredibly early age? I will never know for sure – but will never stop wondering.

If my son turns out to be homosexual someday, then that is ok, but only if it happens through his own will, and not because he was pushed or manipulated "into it". And if not, then please let him be a guy! As masculine as he wants to be!

Would be interesting to hear, if any of you have had similar experiences or any opinions about that topic.

To bring this post back to the topic: I am also extremely annoyed if I am walking with my wife and two little children, and some ladyboys start aggressively flirting with me – which happens for example in Greenbelt all the time. Not to say that I would kill any of them for doing such a thing – I would however not be surprised if someone punched their little synthetic faces for doing such things..Yes, I admit, I would even be amused watching such a scenario!

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  1. In America we call it "The Wussification of America" Yup I hate it when I'm out with my wife and the Lady boys, and the hookers start that crap. Are they stupid, ignorant, or just crazy?

  2. Im gay and yet I agree. I actually would prefer we remain a minority. and about those 5 year old gays, yeah I cringe whenever I see one because somehow I feel responsible for what they have become so early in life.


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