Oh yeah? #Filipino illegal aliens in the United States should get the f--k out then!

Soo tired of the "POOR ME" attitude here.

Today on Channel 9 News, your senators saying how bad is the U.S. That the U.S. only sends our junk weapons and help to the Philippines!?. If the U.S. is sooo bad, stop reaching for our so called, junk hand outs! Take back all 200,000+ illegal Phil "Aliens", now hiding in the U.S., that your government is begging us to keep, because they say they cant afford to take back their own citizens!!!

The average American taxpayer will "Thank You". Tired of seeing the U.S., being used as the ATM Machine for every lazy corrupt country in the world! Our Tax Dollars need to go for our own Citizens—NOT TO COUNTRIES THAT ACT LIKE THEY HATE US!!!


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  1. I agree with you 100% sir. The activists who make the most noise against the US are the quickest in line if the US starts raffling out green cards.

  2. Liberals are the people who are pushing these stupid policies. Americans want everyone who is illegal out of the country. Take care of our own country first.


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