#Filipino women lovable despite their dishonesty

I have mat many women online and I guess I am an expert on that by now. Filipinas are a curious breed. They can be good girls on Monday and take money for sex on Tueday and they do not consider themvelves a Pro. Why? Because they just need the money they tell themselves.

I can not believe what the profiles say for the Filipina…Her first words are she wants honesty…really? I swear to God I have dated and even gone to bed on the first date alot with so called good girls and to this day one sweet good girl I met I still only know her by her profile name as StrawberryshortCakes! Damn you Tanduay!

But on a last note I will say that the comfort level you feel around Filipinos is unlike anywhere in the world. At least until they get to know you more and the gossip begins. And if you are a private person and keep low profile do not worry what a Filipino does not know about they will just make it up! And it will not be complimentary. I have no idea why Filipinos have to put someone down in order to feel great about themselves but that is my experience with almost all I have met here.

But since I am just typing away here I will say that nothing warmed my heart more than being in Phils for Christmas and seeing people that have literally nothing still celebrate and still find a way to give to their loved ones from the heart. I will never ever forget that.

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  1. Sorry for your experience with Pinoy women. My experience (am a Singaorean woman) with both Pinoy men and women as platonic friends, have been pleasant so far. I even heard from a guy who said that at least Pinoys stick around you longer even if you've lost all your money and he said they were the most loyal amongst the many Asian women he's met.

    I guess it is also about who you were lucky (or unlucky) to have met. Stay positive!

  2. they're lovely,alive,sometimes gorgeously sweet,and can even fall in love..but most cater to financial gains...seen/engages some sweety pies around and it's all sexual flings and never on sugar deal.


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