'Wacko' activist group #GABRIELA a mere annoying nuisance in most campuses

Even way back in college i couldn't stand this group called GABRIELA. Even if something is a non issue, they put much meaning into it. They say women's rights are trampled upon in school activities and such, even if there really is no issue at all. That's why they fail to get sympathy from the general student population in UP, unlike other militant groups in the campus.

How seemingly intelligent female students are convinced to join this wacko group is beyond my comprehension. Gabriela is composed of nothing but extremely paranoid attention seeking morons.

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  1. kulang sa kantot mga yan

  2. Ano naman alam mo sa leftist movement? akala ko ba intellectual kuno ka ha ha stick to topics like singing beauty queen. Yun lng kaya ng iq mo eh ha ha

  3. militant feminist movements are mainly comprised of lesbo dykes with a severe case of penis envy or bitter jilted psycho ex girlfriends.


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