Legislating #gay marriage makes more fiscal sense than enacting a #divorce law #LGBT

Divorce is a more complicated issue than gay marriage, it would involve custody battles involving poverty stricken Filipino's that could NEVER be counted on to pay 'court ordered' child support, and so warrants of arrest would be in the 100's of thousands. It would literally choke the legal system to a standstill, thus adding millions of peso's more debt to the already over-burdened/broke as a bad joke legal system. It would also create a nation of fugitives. But that is never spoken of, it's always said that the Filipino's 'family values' (that keeps families together) that is always heard as the argument AGAINST divorce, but it's not really why there is no divorce in this backwards ass country.

Gay marriage, on the other hand, only creates court fees and administration costs that will add to the public coffers. The coffers that can be in turn raided by the mayor's and various other public officials close enough to get in on the action. Expect gay marriage to happen for 'plus side' monetary reason's and NO divorce laws to be passed for the exact opposite reason.

IT'S FASHIONABLY consistent with the corrupt nature of the entire society.

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