Former #Philippines President #Marcos ousted by people who couldn't profit from his govt

If the people would just look at the good side of Marcos, he was a dictator indeed but also he was a strong and wise leader, it was him that gave the country a sense of direction toward progress no other president could have done, in fact he was so good at his job that Philippines still remember what he did for 30 years, that when somebody mentions martial law, they'll automatically think of Marcos, he may be bad as the media says but as a leader i think he was the best.

And also the real problem lies on the "parasitic leeches" on the government not on the president, those greedy, opportunistic bastards with their minds fixated only on how to gain profit, using the Media in controlling the people like a puppet and the Government as a sort of straw to suck the funds of the country empty.

Actually it might be because they could not control and profit from Pres. Marcos back in the day (because he monopolizes it) , that caused these "leeches" to overthrow him as a president, and after his fall they resumed their dirty work that continues up until these days, this Oligarchy is the cause why the progress of the country has stagnated.

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  1. i agree, ferdie is the smartest of them all...the Philippines was respected by all nations during his reign...


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