Karma at work in Leila de Lima's "character assassination"!

This is karmic justice at work. Duterte just happens to be the channel that the universe used to send back to De Lima what she dished out to others.

How can De Lima cry foul and accuse Duterte of character assassination, after what she and her yellow master did to Gloria Arroyo, Angelo Reyes, Chief Justice Corona, VP Binay, and Duterte himself? (i.e., defying SC TRO, illegal detention for 6 years, slander, nonstop public humiliation, trial by publicity)

How can De Lima ask for her family to be spared, when she and her yellow master harassed even the Arroyo, Corona, and Binay children, spouses, and relatives with court cases, and drove Reyes and Corona to their deaths?

How can De Lima accuse Duterte of being misogynistic (anti-feminist), when she is the one playing the gender card instead of answering the accusations, and Duterte is in fact fighting her like an equal?

Most Pinoys are Catholics so they are programmed to think in terms of right vs wrong. But Eastern traditions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, etc view the world differently. It is not about right vs wrong, which is subjective (subject to opinion, interpretation), but about cause and effect (karma), which is objective.

De Lima is simply reaping the effect of what she caused. And in time, so will Duterte.

The key difference, where karmic justice is concerned, lies in intention. Duterte does what he does because he genuinely wants to clean up the country, so Filipinos will have better, safer, more peaceful lives. De Lima does what she does for power and glory for herself and the yellows.

Whose side do you think the universe will be on, in the long run?

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  1. Seriously..having this allegations doesn't stop if you're a woman or a man, if you're in a Senate, DOJ or just an ordinary person - if you indeed has any involvement in a crime specially in Drugs which our government is trying to crackdown then for me, no tears, groups, political party nor committee can save you.. you have to save yourself - if you truly innocent then proved it..face the music like those Generals who shared the same treatment from the President..

  2. All she did was cry foul and did not even attempt to show evidence of her inocense, if she indeed is a woman like she is trying to convey to the public, how come she has no emotions and compassion over the millions of Filipinos who are struggling everyday to fend for themselves against crimes and to stay alive day by day? why she couldn't support and trying even to condemn with all her might the struggle of our President in his fight for the innocents to live a safe and peaceful life? She cries for the criminals but not for the victims. She cries for herself but never for the Filipinos who are bleeding with desperation to live in this rotting country.

  3. The mere fact that she has resorted to using the gender card to defend herself shows she actually has no defense at all against the allegations.

    It's so funny really, how the yellows are now accusing Duterte of bullying De Lima because she's a woman. Where were they when Noynoy was bullying Gloria Arroyo? Duterte said only a few factual statements about De Lima. What's wrong with that? On the other hand, Noynoy and De Lima defied a Supreme Court TRO and violated Arroyo's human rights when they arrested and detained her illegally for years, and even prevented her from getting medical treatment abroad. That's a lot, lot worse than anything Duterte has said about De Lima.

  4. I can only say De Lima, there goes justice not in a blindfold but in Duterte"s fight to save the Philippines from people like you and the rest of the oligarchs who have nothing but greed for wealth and power. Bilog ang Mundo. What goes around comes around. I can smile now ...

  5. Legal maxim:SALUS POPULI EST SUPREMA LEX.The welfare of the people is the Supreme Law.I am a victim of CORRUPTION and INJUSTICES.I hope after ILLEGAL DRUGS is Fighting against CORRUPTION.

  6. This immoral old hag claims to be character assassinated duh! Immoral lady are you sure of what you are blabbering about? instead of trying to look like you are the underdog and flaunting that you are immaculately clean better face the accusations through the court. In that way you could be vindicated or the other way around which you and your hidden smelly garbage secrets be exposed.

  7. denial is the weakest defense...

  8. Lydia_31749@Yahoo.comAugust 19, 2016 at 10:58 PM

    Our country needs to be cleaned of wrong doers whoever they are, be women or men. This administration should put teeth in his words, I know President Duterte will! He is our only hope countrymen! We should support him! That woman who feels she is stronger than President Duterte, No she is not, coz she is evil! she is very wrong because the voice of the people is the voice of God! That is real! Duterte is there now for very huge huge humongus reasons. President Duterte do not back up...Fight, fight, and fight to save our country, the Philippines and the Filipinos. We love this country, we love our people, we LOVE President Duterte and we love the men and women who are fighting together with you for the ultimate goal to make this country a better, cleaner, and safer place to live in!Let us pray Filipinos to bring the honor and the change of prosperity thru Sir Digong!

  9. It is sad that she has no interest but her own. Instead of helping the President she is all out to hurt the Country and the People who desperately need a leader to eradicate the crime and corruption.
    It has proven that persons like her have much to hide and it will be interesting to investigate where these millions came from for her lover. has she paid her taxes ? Let all pray for the president and be behind him all the way so that Filipinos can have a SAFE and PROSPEROUS life. God bless The president.


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