Foreign news media in seemingly coordinated propaganda attack on Duterte government!

I agree that Filipinos should not care too much about the opinion of foreign media who know nothing about the realities on the ground and are obviously pursuing the agenda of foreign powers who want Duterte out because he refuses to be a puppet.

But I also think Duterte's team should seriously look into what transpired this past week. What we saw here was a coordinated attack. New York Times, the Guardian, 60 Minutes Australia, Time magazine, BBC all came out with scathing one-sided pieces on Duterte one after the other, on the same week that Leila de Lima was staging her supposed senate investigation, and right on cue, Leni Robredo comes out and gives statements feigning concern about the negative news that Duterte's drug war is getting in the foreign press.

This was a carefully orchestrated attempt to stoke the emotions of the populace. What these agitators didn't count on was that De Lima's senate hearings would totally backfire on her.

I hope Communications Secretary Martin Andanar knows that he is also fighting a war, a propaganda war. I hope he can be more forceful just like PNP Chief Bato. This propaganda war is not just on a domestic scale, it is global. I mean, just look at the amount of energy these foreign media groups are wasting on Duterte. You'd think what was going on in the Philippines was more important than the way ISIS is taking over the Middle East and threatening security in Europe.

When Gloria Arroyo was demonized in her time, she chose to ignore it and thought her work would speak for itself. Wrong move. The best defense is offense when you're dealing with people who don't play fair. No one plays dirtier than the yellows and their backers.

I hope President Duterte will minimize his live speeches and press conferences. The biased media use those occasions to push his buttons so he will say provocative things that they can spin into negative stories. Duterte's greatest asset is also his greatest enemy–his mouth. It gives the opposition all the ammunition they need to mount their attacks.

Then again, if there's one thing I've observed about Duterte since the elections, he's a lot, lot smarter than he lets on. He always has an endgame, and the boorishness and craziness are part of the act. It's weird how all the international press coverage about him since the elections has made him quite famous. These days when I travel and foreigners find out I'm from the Philippines, the first thing they ask me about is Duterte. There is this fascination, like he's a novelty or a celebrity. I can't wait to see what happens when he goes to Brunei, Laos, and Indonesia next month. That class picture with the ASEAN heads of state is going to be priceless.

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  1. great! no comment. hahaha

  2. yes, I agree that the president if he can should limit his press conferences. But then, he is the president and 70+yrs. old, a mayor, a proffesor, prosecutor, etc.. Nahh.. I dare not question his wisdom. Rather, I offer my wholehearted support, prayers for more strength to carry on until the end of his term, patience, a lot of patience to lead the undisciplined majority, Godly wisdom to enable him to show to us that we are a nation of first class citizens, and it our our birthright to be just that.

  3. Is there a gofund to get rid of him in any means? .... I wanna know !! I am looking at it with much interest really because I can't it !! He is ruining the very core of our society ... And 91 percent for their lack of insight much like the president himself who has no insight of being a president at all -need to know that this president s game plan is stupid , is palliative at best and not sustainable !!!no civilized country will ever recognize this as just !! He will pay !! And I can't wait for that day !!! If indeed his intention is to rid the country of drugs and drug crimes , then start from the bigtime drug lords start from the foreign drug dealers because as far as I see I only see mass murder of drug sellers , yes sellers , retailers at the grassroot --- sellers who are themselves victims pushed by poverty to do drug related illegal activity!! Why can't I see it!!!i don't see bigtime foreign drug dealers arrested much so killed --u know why because it's all a sham ! He can't ---Hindi niya Kaya!!! So far this is selective justice !! Just to show he is a tough president at the expense of poor Filipino lives , devalued like insects !! and my messages to the 91 percent of u defending him !! Rethink .... Really think because your insight about this whole thing is really distorted !!!!

    1. Yellow trolls like this guy have been coming out again since last week after a long silence since elections ended. Someone must be paying their allowance again.

    2. Mr.Nunal is clearly has no insight with a distorted mind.So much hate on his heart and claiming he is civilized.This is nothing new with his rhetoric typical of a yellowtard.A champion of drug sellers..angry coz there is no dead big-time druglords..because they are sheltered by your CHR Chito Gascon in the name of human rights and being housed in VIP bilibid by your beloved de Lima.You are stupid in the highest degree.I came from a poor family but I wasn't push to sell drugs to make ends met.You are trying to justify what is something wrong.Bakit kung mahirap ka at nagbenta ng droga Hindi mo kasalanan kasi Napilitan klng dahil sa kahirapan.Your a scum spreading your so called righteousness in expense of poor people.You have the same mind set of Mr.Roxas.Hindi nya least he did something unlike your Boss Aquino who is incompetent.By their no action against the rampant drug problem they devalued the lives of Filipinos just like you said like insects.9 yr old raped by a stepfather on drugs,nursing student stabbed 49 times by a robber high on drugs,an old woman shot in the head inside the jeep.Lastly my message to you if your loved one is being hostage by a drug crazed addict who you gonna ask help?De lima and gascon or Bato and duterte?kung biktima ka ng laglag bala?


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