Marcos burial at LNMB will invalidate the Yellowtards' claim to legitimacy

A Ferdinand E. Marcos burial at the Libingan ng Mga Bayani (LNMB) will invalidate the Yellowturds' claim to legitimacy. Their storyline is dependent on Marcos being the villain instead of their victim. A burial attended and approved of the masses will invalidate their story.

They claim that the LNMB is only for heroes. This is a false claim. At least one PMA Cadet who died of leukemia while at the academy is buried there as well as 10 widows of government officials. National Artists, Department Secretaries and several Presidents are buried there.

There is a special section for Medal of Valor holders. These are the only true credentialed heroes in LNMB. If the Yellowturds claim is false, what then are they really protecting?

They are protecting the 'legitimacy' of the People Power revolution. In fact, they are now cowering in fear that the truth will finally leak out after thirty years. The Yellowturds are desperate to sweep this truth under the carpet. The fact is that after two dyed in the wool Yellowturd presidents, Cory and Pnoy, neither has been able to pin the blame on Ninoy's assassination on Marcos or anyone connected to him.

The Filipino people as a nation will speak out during the burial. The hordes who will attend will drown out the few who went to Luneta last Sunday. Leni Robredo herself had second thoughts and failed to appear during last Sunday's anti-Marcos burial rally at the Luneta.

All the major religions teach their followers to forgive and forget yet certain religious leaders are agitating against the burial in clear defiance of their own doctrine. Why? Is it because of their own participation in the Yellow Power of 1986?

People are entitled to their own opinions and the free practice of their own beliefs. This rift however, may cause a Civil War. Yellowturds are known pussies and keyboard warriors who hide under the mantle of being 'decent'. Dutertards however are known to be numerous, aggressive and well armed. Who will win? Not the oligarchs that's for sure and yes, this may be a good thing for the country which poor have remained poor and whose rich have become richer.

[Submitted to GRP editors by Iger]


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