BEWARE! Yellow branding of no-substance politicians and public property continues into Duterte era!

Naming the airport after the Aquinos (as well as roads, schools, "awards", putting their faces on P500 bill, etc.) is a classic tactic of yellow brand-building.

They are doing the same thing now with Leni Robredo, trying to legitimize her by arranging for her to be given "awards", visited by "dignitaries", interviewed by this and that on anything and everything, so her existence will have some kind of relevance. They need to do this because Robredo has no real, concrete achievements or track record that they can play up. She does not even have a real electoral mandate or fan base. I suspect this is why the US has not gone all out in their efforts to prop up Robredo. The "awards" she has been getting are from minor, insignificant organizations. Perhaps the US also sees that even if they succeed in installing her as president, she won't last because she has no real following and no crowd-drawing pull. With the amount of praise and mileage the yellow media has been showering on her, she should be the hottest rock star by now. But the hate has not abated. People are simply not buying Robredo. In fact, the more PR there is about Robredo, the angrier the people get.

The US would be better off if they continued investing in Duterte. No matter how bullheaded he is, and even if he goes along with only 50% of what they want, he is still a better investment than Robredo, because Robredo is a product with no market. You can put her in every sari-sari store and every supermarket shelf, advertise her to death, even have a buy-one-take-one sale, still no one would buy. Because she's not what people want. People want the steak, not the salad.

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