Selective reporting to demonise Duterte perpetrated by self-righteous foreign media

Here's another example of how the Western media is being used to demonize Duterte, similar to how Marcos was demonized to build up the image of the Aquinos in the '80s:

This BBC article is better than the one in Time magazine, but it makes one major flawed assumption: it is assuming that the "police officer" that the female hitman says is her boss is ordering the killings for Duterte. But there is no evidence anywhere in the article to support that.

Think about this: why would Duterte hire hitmen and pay them P20,000 for each minor drug pusher killed? Duterte barely has enough budget to pay for the guns and bullets of the legitimate police and the AFP.

On the other hand, who has the most to gain by having these small-time drug pushers killed? Who has the most to lose if they decide to surrender, or are caught by, the legitimate police? Who has the means and motivation to conclude that it makes better economic sense to spend P20,000 each to have these pushers silenced permanently, before they can surrender and spill the beans to the legitimate police about who their suppliers are?

The Western media don't seem to understand that the reason why drugs became so rampant in the Philippines is because the drug lords were able to put a lot of police officers in their pockets for years. These crooked police are still there, and it is more likely that they are the ones killing off their pushers before these pushers can surrender or get caught.

So, why isn't the foreign media looking into this angle? Is it because doing so means they can't cherry-pick bits and pieces of info anymore just to make Duterte look bad?

I am no blind Duterte fan. But I see his logic in aggressively pursuing the war on drugs. We had a worker once whose son became addicted to shabu. The son became so crazy and violent that they had to keep him chained inside their house. It was a tragedy because the father scrimped and saved for years to send this guy to school and he was about to become a seaman before he got addicted. Now the guy is totally useless. He not only ruined his life, he ruined his parents' lives. This is just one person, and he didn't get to the point where he was already raping and killing people. But think about the 3 million other addicts out there, and the victims of their drug-induced crimes.

Just today, I read an article that the government allotted P2.8 billion in next year's budget to build 4 rehab centers. These are our taxes, people. We taxpayers now have to spend P2.8 billion to rehabilitate all these drug users because of all the greedy, incompetent, and negligent government officials in the past who allowed the drug lords to take over our country. How many children could have been clothed, fed, and sent to school by that P2.8 billion if there was no drug problem to deal with?

Now that we finally have a president like Duterte who is taking action, and getting results, these self-righteous journalists and dim-witted yellow bleeding hearts complain. Are they just being stupid?

No, there's more to it than that. Many of them actually know how ridiculous they're being. But they need an issue to use against Duterte, and right now this is the best storyline they can come up with.

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