Foreign media hacks attacking Duterte are blind to American hypocrisy elsewhere @Iyengarish

People were being killed before Duterte was elected; we just didn't hear about it, for obvious reasons. TIME magazine is a joke, and it cannot be taken seriously. America, and its mainstream, corporate hacks, will lecture other countries on various 'human' issues – but is friends with radical countries who have horrible civil liberties/ rights records. The U.S. likes to invade foreign, sovereign countries, which it has no right to do. The military is for defense, not imperial nation-building and other political bullshit.

A prime example of un-American, imperial action was the Philippine-American War, circa 1898. The U.S. placed Filipinos in camps and murdered them. These imposter, traitorous frauds who conducted this action were fascists and not Americans. We have these same traitorous assholes now with the neocons (Bush, Clinton, Fox News types, Obama), who support the U.S. fucking with the middle east, and screwing with affairs in the Ukraine.

Another example of U.S. imperialism was the Banana Wars. American companies bribed and manipulated Central and South American governments (sound familiar?) for the purpose of acquiring banana plantations there, which caused the native people to be kicked off their lands. An example is Honduras. These same native people were hired by the American companies as low-wage workers. The U.S. Government sent in the Marines to sometimes kill native people, for the purpose of securing 'their' land for profit. This was illegal and an example of fascism, not Americanism.

The U.S. does not exist and never really did. It is more of a corporation than anything else. The law is not followed and It is controlled by various traitors and globalist actors, who impose 'U.S.' foreign policy for the benefit of other countries, banks and corporations. Banks and corporations write the laws, via lobbyists (professional bribers) who meet with politicians. The lobbyists love to make 'campaign contributions' to their whore politicians who pass the corporations' laws. I am sick of these fuckers and their inferiority complex. Most people around the world think the actions of the American government are within the realm of legal normality – but have nothing to do with American interest or legality. The stupid American voters are so dumb and are partly responsible for the mayhem caused by the Bushes, Clintons and Obamas. Shame on them.

The point that references the U.S. Government and drug war is interesting. The 'war' on drugs cannot be conducted if the Mexican/U.S. border is wide open. There are powerful interests that prevent a border from being constructed. Every other country enforces its borders. If the U.S. enforces it border people cry racism and xenophobia.

Ignore anything the mainstream, corporate hacks say about Philippine affairs. These stupid assholes think Duterte is the world's biggest problem? Hey hacks, what about Saudi Arabia and China? Hey hacks, what about their 'human rights' abuses?

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