Soft upbringing of Filipino upper-class kids is damaging Philippine society!

There is definitely kid gloves treatment of adults in the Philippines. People do not learn to take care of themselves, and self-reliance is a foreign concept. It amazes me how many people there ask for a handout.

The previous poster mentioned the babying being from Spanish culture. This may be true because Mexicans have a very similar culture; everything is done in family groups, and personal responsibility is not promoted. It is as if the individual does not matter.

Financial upper-class individuals are often mal-adjusted, self-important people who have no sense of community or nationalism. These types are the ones on Wall Street (in the U.S.), who have no problem screwing millions of people out of their savings(banker bailout), because they were raised with the me, me, me attitude. Perhaps mandatory military service ought to be required in the Philippines, and elsewhere, to force allegiance to their country. It would also toughen them up. Actually, a boxing gym has this ability as well. Globalists have allegiance to no one; only money and power.

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