Is Raffy Lerma's work REALLY all about the subjects of his photos?

For all we know, the journalists may have BRIBED the policemen on the scene to give them all the leeway to direct the "set" esp. by allowing the lady to get in, keep all others far distant so as not to obstruct camera line of sight, and come up with their HOT-SELLING maestro, which they can use out of context for their sinister agenda.

The question is: for all the traffic, attention and money INQ/PDI made out of this, did the lady in the pix receive her talent fee?

And just look at that – there's even a full blown article featuring the cameraman himself. Now we've come to the age where Journalists not only report the news, THEY ARE the news. Yeah, just like the Luneta bus-hostage journalist-orchestrated fiasco.

Why don't we go all the way and just be ruled by Journalists, and have them run the country?

Look at the Pieta. For any of you who've been to the Vatican and seen it yourself, it's almost not about Jesus and Mary anymore – it's all about how great Michelangelo is, and how priceless the work of art is. Talk about missing the point!

Journalists bask in the glory of their work. In fact, many use it as a stepping stone to enter politics. Who knows, Raffy Lerma will be running for public office soon. Yeah, maybe someone with a zoom-lens camera has the foresight to make a difference in this country. Why not.

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