The hypocrisy in how the Opposition demonises Duterte's "war on drugs"

It becomes more and more apparent that the opposition is driven rather by politics than by genuine concern for society. No better solution can even be guaranteed by the opposition and, yet here [we] are, prematurely guaranteeing basically this 'war on drugs' to be a failure?

In the real world, 'wars' tend to be messy. [Many people's] arguments.. count casualties ascribed to police actions or operations, and yet are harmfully silent on how such numbers pale into insignificance as far as the number of lives ruined by the drug trade and woeful lack of priority the opposition has given this problem are concerned.

The opposition-versus-Duterte is a picture of how hypocrisy-versus-sincerity, respectively, looks like–In fact, the previous administration has made the practice of hypocrisy so familiar that Duterte's sincerity stands-out so brightly as a breath of fresh air & welcome change!

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