Western ideas cannot be applied out-of-the-box in Southeast Asian societies like the Philippines

Notice how the TIME article compares the Philippines to other Southeast Asian countries on how similar our action was towards drugs. SEA countries are also very supportive of Duterte's War on Drugs.

The West fails to realize that we had to resort to these types of drastic actions because our situation is a far cry from theirs (the West). Western countries had the privilege of being powerhouses since the dawn of time. SEA countries,on the other hand, had been conquered and raped repeatedly in the past by these same western powerhouses. And our countries had been trash ever since. As much as we want to have a "civil society" that's comparable to western society, we can't do so without taking drastic measures because we never had the privilege that western countries had.

And yet, white nations are so adamant in pushing their "perfect" and "humane" ideologies towards us.

Simply put, the west don't understand our situation. SEA countries do. Western ideas won't work here. They should just shut up about us not complying with their "amazing" and "right" ideologies.

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  1. why do Filipinos think the problem of drugs is unique to us !! I've been around many countries and. Guess what ... We are not the worst of it ...in a scale of 1 to 10 we are about a five or a 5.5 !!'...The western methodologies can be applied to our country of course !! Our problem is not yet as caustic as say Mexico or Colombia !!! Where it can'not be applied anymore Is probably in Colombia and Mexico !! Who have the most and the worst of the drug cartels among many !!!Filipinos will find an excuse to justify a wrong and unlawful behavior however they can !! When can they realize that the president they elect is the actual problem himself !!!!' He is ruining the very core of our society ... And 91 percent for their lack of insight much like the president himself who has no insight of being a president at all -need to know that this president s game plan is stupid , is palliative at best and not sustainable !!!no civilized country will ever recognize this as just !! He will be punished -- And I can't wait for that day !!! If indeed his intention is to rid the country of drugs and drug crimes given that he really wants to rid if the problem , then start from the top start from the bigtime drug lords start from the foreign drug dealers because as far as I see I only see mass murder of drug sellers , yes sellers , retailers at the grassroot --- sellers who are themselves victims pushed by poverty to do drug related illegal activity!! Why can't I see it!!!i don't see bigtime foreign drug dealers arrested much so killed --u know why because it's all a sham ! He can't ---Hindi niya Kaya!!! So far this is selective justice !! Just to show he is a tough president at the expense of poor Filipino lives , devalued like insects !! and my messages to the 91 percent of u defending him !! Rethink .... Really think because your insight about this whole thing is really distorted !!!!

  2. I totally disagree to your comment. Maybe You weren’t listening and not looking enough or supporting a different campaign. The bigtime druglords in our country were the first to be named and targeted. Generals, mayors, druglords. These people are almost untouchables in our society who can build a network of influences. Now, you mentioned about foreign suppliers of drugs who are living on a different sovereignty. Obviously its not within our territorial jurisdiction. Going after these criminals needs the other country’s support and coordination to which our present government are looking into. If you think its not the worst, ill tell you it’s a nightmare living with drug addicts in the neighborhood praying that you or your family won’t be the victim the next day and loosing hope of a peaceful surrounding. You are comparing our situation to narco countries. Before they become worst, neighboring western methods I assume were applied yet it didn’t stop the drugs. Our country is near becoming one if you could imagine executive leaders and law enforcers are into it. Other Asian countries have drastic laws towards drugs. Lawmakers in our country are still debating about it while drugs proliferate making our country the center of drug trade and the highest rate of shabu use in east asia. The present leader in our country may have seen more than what you consider it the worst. He may have seen more than what I describe a terror that I fear in our neighborhood.
    The drug problem in our country has gone deep and rooted and this is what ruining the very core of our society. Our president campaign against drugs is what we need. It is what we have been hoping for a long time, so we can be free from the bounds of fear and terror. The president has been a mayor for a long time who has seen and studied the effects of drugs in the society. He must have tried other methods of leniency that leads to effective drastic approaches. Now Its war on drugs, casualties are inevitable. It’s not an excuse but a reality for the cause of war. He don’t like this, I don’t like war either, but the circumstances brought us in this situation. We want to progress, but people like you become the obstruction to that path. If I ask you, can you solve this problem for us so we can retract our support to this campaign? Do you have another effective method to solve it, so we can express our support?


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