Leila de Lima's recent presscon full of drama but lacking in substance

I just watched De Lima's latest presscon denying the allegations against her, and even threatening Duterte to "stop, or be sorry".

She said to the president, "Ayaw kong mapahiya kayo", claiming that whatever evidence he has against her is fake.

Now I'm even more convinced that whatever intel Duterte has on her must be really damaging. You know why? Because if the info was really fake, De Lima would have waited for Duterte to expose it first, then debunked it after, to make him look bad. But instead, she's pretending to be concerned for the president and "advising" him kuno. Big red flag right there.

De Lima's presscon was long and full of dramatic statements, but there were no specifics. She did not even have any response to the specific accusations Sandra Cam made against her.

So what was De Lima's real motive for holding this presscon?

I think she did it to try and gain sympathy again and paint Duterte as the bad guy. She portrayed herself and her driver-lover as victims, kept repeating "Hindi ko alam ano ang kasalanan ko sa kanya" (the president), and insinuated several times that she was being persecuted because of her supposed investigation on drug-related killings.

But if Duterte really wanted to stop her supposed investigation, all he has to do is forbid the PNP from showing up at the senate. And he didn't do that.

Try again, Ms. De Lima, no one's buying what you're selling.

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  1. When a reporter asked de lima if she thinks her driver-lover's life was in danger, she said something like "huwag niyo siyang damputin, pwede niyo lang siya damputin kung may warrant of arrest kayo". Tanong: May warrant of arrest ba siya nung dinampot niya si Gloria Arroyo sa airport?


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