Drama over Leni Robredo's legal fees not convincing!


AS TO BEING WORRIED OVER LEGAL FEES - Being the top spender in the 2016 elections at 418,664,130.60 (over 418 million) pesos supposedly from contributions and fund-raising activities, assuming they are true though I seriously doubt it, raising funds to pay the "bloated" legal fees of Macalintal and all his assistants should not be a cause for worry. Prove your mettle then. Or should I say, prove the power of the "lugaw."

However, if the supposed contributors and fund-raising activities are not at all true, then, when the hen (Mr. Aquino) that laid the golden eggs are no longer around to provide it, it is indeed a cause for alarm.

One very practical thing she can do is to reduce the number of lawyers reading and composing the answer and instead require Macalintal to do the reading and answering himself instead of wasting time publicly talking pure nonsense. This way, she can save on legal fees.

AS TO BEING NOT WORRIED OVER THE SUBSTANCE OF THE PROTEST - The determination of the sufficiency of the substance of the complaint is for the tribunal to rule upon, not for the protestee (Robredo) to arrogate upon herself by insisting the lack of it repeatedly in public. If the protest is baseless, then it should not take long, and 10 days would be more than enough, for her and her lawyers to file their answer to the protest. Prove then that the protest is baseless by coming up with an answer without asking for any more extension to file it.

If indeed she wants to get rid of the protest as soon as possible, then it would be interesting to see if she will file her answer with a counter-protest, a mechanism in election cases designed primarily to delay the entire proceeding until the term involved expires.

Finally, don't talk too much. You could easily get checked mate.


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