Feminist 'outrage' over Duterte vs de Lima circus bares flawed notions of feminism in Ph society

I just want to comment on this "misogynistic" tag that "feminists" are trying to pin on Duterte because he exposed De Lima's affair with her driver.

As I understand it, feminism is about gender equality, not discriminating against a person or treating them differently because of their gender.

So what is the problem? Why are feminists saying that Duterte should not have challenged De Lima because she is a woman? Isn't equal treatment what feminists want? Why then do these feminists want Duterte to treat De Lima with kid gloves just because she is a woman?

I also don't buy the argument that Duterte's expose about De Lima and her driver was a personal attack. Duterte is way off the charts when it comes to non-conformity with traditional social norms and sexual mores. I don't think he would have cared if De Lima was sleeping with a thousand drivers if said drivers were not connected to criminal acts or the war on drugs.

This is not about De Lima being a woman or De Lima having an affair per se. The real problem is, De Lima, as secretary of justice, had a very deep and long-running sexual relationship with her driver (deep and long-running enough to have 1 or 2 houses built), and that driver may have been collecting payola from drug lords at the national penitentiary which was directly under De Lima's supervision when she was secretary of justice.

I don't know about you, but as a voter and taxpayer, I feel strongly that I have a right to know what De Lima and her driver were doing with the drug lords in the prison when she was secretary of justice. I want to know if whatever went on there is connected with why she seems so inexplicably hell-bent on thwarting Duterte's war against drugs. This is an issue of public interest, it is not a personal matter.

De Lima says she just wants to investigate extra-judicial killings, but I'm not quite convinced. There have bee 600 deaths during police operations out of 600,000 surrenders/arrests. That is a ratio of only 0.1%. That is a tiny figure and by no means out of the ordinary. So why is De Lima raising such a huge fuss? Does she want zero casualities? That is impossible.

If her concern is genuine, shouldn't she be investigating the vigilante killings instead of the police? And who are most likely behind the vigilante killings? Common sense and experience of other countries would show it is probably the drug lords themselves, either silencing their pushers before they can surrender, or fighting a turf war among themselves after Duterte shook up the trade.

But instead of digging into the drug lords' networks and coming up with proposals to stop the vigilante killings, De Lima inexplicably keeps attacking the PNP and Duterte. And then she complains that she is now being perceived as a protector of drug lords. Hello, what else are we supposed to think?

Most Filipinos are happy that there is finally a president and PNP chief with enough balls to go after the drug lords, but De Lima is inexplicably obstructing and sabotaging the president and the cops every step of the way. Maybe she just thinks she has a better way, but Ms. De Lima, if your way was better, how come you couldn't solve the problem during your time as secretary of justice? In fact, the problem grew a lot worse during your time. Don't you think you should just be quiet and let the people in charge now try their method this time? If you're really concerned about the unexplained killings, go and investigate the drug lords' networks instead of attacking the president and the police and calling them murderers. Put yourself in their shoes: they are risking their lives every single day for our country's safety. Nililinis nila ang gulo na iniwan mo. Tapos sasabihin mo mamamatay tao sila? No wonder the president lost patience with you.

Can De Lima still dig herself out of the hole she is now in? I personally think yes. You know what she should do? During the senate hearing, she should confess everything she knows about the drug lords in Bilibid, and admit whatever involvement with them she might have had. Stop lying, stop spinning, stop making excuses. Then the public just might forgive her.

If not, nothing and no one will be able to save her when she gets raked through the coals like what she and her yellow boss did to Arroyo, Corona, Angelo Reyes, Binay, etc.

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