US-Ph political-industrial complex see Duterte as an "outsider"!

The best defense would be to FULLY expose the previous government and Aquino for all it's propaganda, corruption and stupid incompetence. Show the world that they enriched themselves with drug money. The Duterte admin knows far more than they are willing to expose. I say, go ALL the way.

Show and expose how they fixed the election. Get rid of Robredo, De Lima and all that yellow human garbage that hinders progress.

Lock up the people who have betrayed the public trust! Destroy the people who are behind the black propaganda and expose them as the traitors that they are.

Show the world that there is a serious reason why this country needs a cleansing.

I said it before and I'll say it again. Duterte will enter the International History books for how he became President and for what he is doing. The international establishment is scared of people like him being successful, because they do not want "outsiders" to win elections anywhere.

What matters here is the perception of the people, not what the media or politicians say.

It's like the story with Putin. They try to destroy him. But if you talk to the average person in Europe they are quite sympathetic to him and they don't understand how idiotic European politicians could get so influenced by the US.

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  2. The only president with the heart for the people


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