Here is the reason why Filipinos don't care about all the killing being reported in the media...

Many victims have died way before Duterte cast an eye towards the presidential seat. The have died in the hands of the police, in the hands of people seeking revenge, in the hands of mindless drug-addicts, even in the hands of politicians.

The situation here in the Philippines has never been normal. Our culture is abnormal. So many people here are willing to cheat or kill just to get what they want. From taxi drivers all the way up to politicians, they are all willing to cheat everyone for their advantage.

Now I don't condone all the killings done under the current administration, but don't expect people to suddenly give a crap about alleged criminals dropping dead. No one – not the politicians, not the CHR, not the activists – did anything major to deal with innocent victims dying everyday in this country. Only the rich, the powerful, and a handful of middle class citizens received justice when they were greatly wronged. So why should the common people now have to care that alleged criminals are dropping like flies?

I'm not saying that it's right that they should not care. I'm just saying, with the way things were before, I understand why they don't care at all. Even when they were wronged, the government didn't lift a finger to help them.

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