Filipinos behind Duterte on 'war on drugs' and criminal-coddling oligarchy!

Duterte's obsession with destroying the vast network of the illegal drugs industry–even it means resorting to violent means—is right on the money, since their influence affects all levels of society.

However, illegal drugs' immediate impact is most felt on everyday people like you and me: they keep us in a continuous state of confusion, vigilance, and disparity on how to keep their influence out of our doorsteps through their sale and use.

Our country's oligarchs know very well that, in order to keep society in a constant state of delirium while they fleece the country's wealth, they have to keep the people pre-occupied on how to eke out a living and entertained with brainwashing methods every single moment of the day.

Injecting our society with mind numbing propagandas (media "tele-basura" programs), rampart consumerism, and sale and use of illegal drugs are all effective strategies the oligarchs employ to take the masses' attention away from what they're actually doing: rob the nation of its wealth while the people's way of life are kept in a constant state of chaos.

Duterte understands that if he were to engage in a direct attack on these oligarchs, by uprooting all of them at the same time behind their walled fortresses, he would surely lose.

Instead, the president is employing a classic "guerilla tactic" of winning the hearts and minds of everyday people–including allying with members of the PNP and armed forces—by addressing their everyday battles of trying to survive in an oligarch-controlled economy and illegal drug industry.

It's apparent the majority of the Filipinos people—in this country and abroad—supports President Duterte's "War on Drugs," including ending graft and corruption, wholeheartedly.

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